Vata Pitta Kapha




This universe is run by three types of forces namely kinetic force, potential force and the force acting as stimulant for either of these. These forces are represented in our body in the form of three Doshas. ‘Doshas’ here means the forces those can disturb the body when these are not in balance. These three Doshas are named as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three represent the whole metabolism going on in the body.

Kinetic force has the ability to bring about the changes in the subject matter where ever it is applied. This force is represented in our body by Vata. Etymologically ‘Vata’ means “that which moves things.” In the absence of Vata other two forces are considered to be lame, incapable to bring about any change. It also governs our sensory and mental balance and orientation, and promotes mental adaptability and comprehension.

Potential force in our body is Kapha. Etymologically Kapha means “that which holds things together.” It provides substance and gives support, and makes up the bulk of our body tissues. It also provides emotional support in life and governs such positive emotional traits as love compassion, modesty, patience, and forgiveness. In brief it is the on going anabolic process in our body.

The stimulant for kinetic or potential force to be working is Pitta. Etymologically it means “that which digest things.” It is responsible for all chemical and metabolic transformations in the body. It also governs our mental digestion, our capacity to perceive reality and understand things as they are. Thus we can say Pitta represents the catabolic process going on in the body.

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