Ashtang Ayurveda (Eight branches of Ayurveda)



Ayurveda is a science which was offered to students by the teachers in a chain. This knowledge was totally classified and systemized so that pupils can retain it and understand in a better way. These eight parts are known as ASHTANG AYURVEDA.

Kaya Chikitsa - Healing and detoxifying measures are discussed under this part of Ayurveda.
Shalya Chikitsa - dealing with extraction of foreign bodies
Shalakya Chikitsa - Dealing with disease of supra-clavicular region - ENT. & Ophthalmology
Agad-tantra deals with alleviation of poison, artificial poison and toxic symptoms due to in take of antagonistic substance
Kaumar Bhritya deals with the pregnant ladies and babies
Bhoot Vidya deals with spirit or organisms - Psychiatry Medicine
Rasayana - dealing with promotional measures – Rejuvenates
Bajikarna - dealing with aphrodisiacs

In these eight parts, Rasayana and Bajikarana are meant to promote health and to prevent the diseases. Rests are aimed to cure different diseases of different parts.
He, who has completed,
Knowledge of all these eight limbs in detail,
Is the real Vaidya “A Physician”!

Charka Samhita, Sutra Stahana.

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