Breathing Exercises: Pranayam



This is the most important part to start up with the Yoga. To understand the concept of Pranayam; breathing exercises-this is important to know about the word itself. Pranayam is made by two words – Prana + Ayam – where Prana stands for the energy of life, the vital energies and Ayam tells the way to master this energy.

Prana is compared directly with the oxygen. It is known today that without this air human beings or any living creature can't live for a moment even. Oxygen is a main component for animates from this inhaled air, which burns the foods and then provide energy for all physical and psychological processes! And lack of this energy will lead us to a cessation. Our system will hang and we can't stop it and restart it. Due to this importance, oxygen was named, life ‘The Prana' by Ayurvedic scholars.

Pranayam is a procedure, which controls this energy of life. It's in and out flow in our body enables our body to do its daily activities. Entrance of this energy is from breathing organs. So these organs are exercised in such a particular way that maximum energy is provided to the body. When this energy is available for body, body will perform its best and diseases appeared due to lack of energy will disappear. Concentration on breathing makes the psychology stronger and aimed. When one will be a master of Prana (the life), there is no doubt he will get the happiness. This works as a basic homework to do the best of the yoga and to relieve from all pains by the yogic exercises.

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